America Needs Survivalists by Ephraim Lowe

Often we have heard defamatory remarks about survivalists and preppers. Nonetheless, a truth that could be hard to swallow is that preppers and survivalists are important to America.

The following are 10 reasons they are essential, and why it’s essential to have even more survivalists and preppers to be able survive possible future catastrophes.

1) The expense of planning, equipping and getting personnel for each catastrophe that might possibly happen, is inflated.
When disasters take place, government acts swiftly by making statements and making emergency preparations to help victims; however, government support does not reach the victims fast enough and when it does reach victims, it is not efficient.
Preppers and survivalists on the contrary have the ability to act swiftly and without problems to care and secure their own family members and homes. They are also able to provide the much-needed help to other people staying in their areas.

2) An organisation or group of people with special abilities might make remarkable achievements when all aspects and procedures are in place and working effectively, nevertheless, when difficulties arise, the organisation may rapidly fall apart. A survivalist and prepper is a master of one skill, which is survival. Therefore a team of survivalists and preppers with one goal in mind is far much stable and efficient when dealt with by hardship.

3) In the past, we have seen the impacts caused by disasters and wars. It is not just destruction of property and loss of life; they have also caused siege warfare. While a regular city will only have a 4 day supply of food and water, a normal prepper and survivalist will have a couple of year’s supply of food. A city with a huge number of survivalists is much better off, than a city with just a handful of survivalists and preppers.

4) A quick look at Joseph in the Bible who prepared appropriately during the 7 years of abundance. When an extreme famine struck which lasted 7 years, because Joseph had prepared well ahead of time, Egypt survived the famine and was even able to help surrounding countries.

5) Survivalists and preppers not only do they prepare by storing food, water, clothes, and emergency medical supplies beforehand. They have also acquired survival skills this including self-defense skills, which means that they are able to defend themselves and their families when threatened. The average person does not have these kinds of skills and is defenseless if attacked.

6) Tyrants striving to take control of people’s lives will use taxation, confiscation or force to disarm people. Survivalists and preppers are generally effectively prepared and well trained to defend their loved ones.

7) The founding fathers ensured that responsibility was pushed to the federal government as well as the ordinary citizen.

8) A survivalist knows and understands the relevance of being self-reliant. During crisis situations, government can escalate taxes on energy and other resources. A survivalist has the ability to depend totally on their survival skills that such changes cannot affect them in any way.

9) More survivalists and preppers, means less refugees. Furthermore, it means that they will be less stress on medical facilities, volunteer groups, rescue groups, and the government.

10) Preppers and survivalists are able to help their fellow men by contributing food items, water, and clothing. A refugee is unable to help another person.

Survivalists and preppers can be of tremendous help in disaster or crisis situations, as they have food storage, water, and other needed essentials. Additionally, they have acquired survival skills, and understand what actions to take when in adverse situations, not forgetting that they also prepare themselves psychologically. The more survivalists and preppers we have, the more secure our families will be, and the community as a whole.

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