Don’t Overlook Water Along with your Survivalism Food Storage by Mike Pearson

Water is sometimes an overlooked component of the survivalist emergency plan. Clean, fresh water is so abundant in modern society it is usually easy to never expect it to be scarce or unavailable at all sooner or later. However, in reality an individual can live up to a month without food but will perish within three days without water. After only a day with no water you will become critically lethargic and it simply gets worse from there. You do not need this to happen in an emergency. So it is imperative to use a reliable source of crisis water storage during a potential .
Even though water is so abundant there are some logistical issues to take care of when storing it. Water is actually heavy at eight pounds per gallon, and we go through a variety of it on a daily basis for cleaning, food preparation and hydration. Prefer to use a gallon of water per day, per person in an emergency situation. Half of that gallon will probably be used for drinking as well as the other half will be used by cooking and cleaning purposes. Keep in mind that this is simply a bare minimum with regard to survival. If the emergency circumstance takes place during the summertime a gallon of water per day may be needed for just hydration. If that’s the case you would have to store 1.Your five gallons of water for each person for every day. So to have adequate emergency water storage for a four person family regarding 14 days you would have to store at the least 56 gallons of water.
One of the best ways to store large amounts regarding water is in 55 gallon plastic drums created for liquids. You can buy these new from neighborhood container companies or online. You can also find these used at food manufacturing companies, particularly those that make liquids. The syrups used to generate sodas for example are generally delivered in these big plastic drums.
When you’re planning on using used drums keep in mind that any food which was stored in that drum earlier will impart a flavor to your water no matter how tough you clean the particular drum. So select a pot that stored food that you’d not mind introducing a slight taste in the water. Additionally you will need to have a particular pump in order to get the actual water out of the drum so do remember to purchase that too.
Also, consider that water weighs about eight pounds for every gallon so that 55 gallon drum will weigh over 400 weight when full. It’s recommended that you purchase smaller, much more portable water containers that can be transported to another location in an emergency or if you have to go and get water it is simple to transport it back to your home. Re-purposed two re soda bottles can function well for this function. Don’t try to store water in quart milk jugs because plastic is not built to last for long periods of time and definitely will quickly degrade along with leak.
Survivalist’s water stored in clean, food grade containers should last a few years before it needs to be modified. Most tap water is okay to go directly into the containers with no further treatment method, although if you desire to cleanse for long term emergency water storage you can include one-eighth teaspoon of swimming pool water bleach per quart of water to be sure that there’s zero bacteria in the water.

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