Homelessness and Emergency Shelter Options

This video by Paul Elkins shows how to build a Homeless Emergency Shelter.

This video by Technomadia explores the Realities & Myths of Full Time RVing.

This video by AClarino addresses the question: Living in a Van, How Much Does It Cost?

This video by AClarino shows How to Stay Warm Living in a Van.

This video by BlackRaven1515 shows how to Winterize a Tent.

This video by Tony Collins shows Tent City, a camp for the homeless.

This video by David Gudgeon shows how some have gone From Middle Class to No Class in America.

This video by AARPBulletinToday shows how a man has lived in his van for 25 years and has adjusted to his Homelessness.

This video by USA Today shows the New Homeless.

This video by RT America shows the Homeless in the Woods. The Homeless Occupy the Woods as RT revisits Tent City.

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