Preparing for a Nuclear Disaster by Matt Redhawk

It’s hard to believe it could happen… but the reality is that a nuclear disaster could happen anywhere in the world at any moment. The good news is, if you are fully informed, you can be fully prepared for a nuclear disaster.
Below is a review of what you should do if a nuclear disaster strikes does and what you can do to prepare yourself and your family.
What to Do ImmediatelyIt is advisable to practice this with your family several times a year to ensure you are prepared to work as a team for the best results.

    1. If advised by authorities of an imminent nuclear threat or radioactive exposure by plume or fallout, take Potassium Iodate KIO3 tablets which is a thyroid blocker and will help prevent radioactive damage to the thyroid. Ensure the entire family and any pets take the appropriate dose according to the directions on the label of the bottle.

    1. Close all the doors, windows, vents and open crevices leading to the outdoors. Anything that opens to the outside should be closed and covered. Work quickly. You must close off all the outside air space to the best of your ability. Pet owners should move pets inside the home with you. Any living creature outside will be irradiated by nuclear material.

    1. Turn off your air conditioning and all appliances that circulate external air into your home. If you do not, then the nuclear fallout from the outside could flow more easily into your home.

    1. Move your family into a room without any windows, preferable the nearest to the center of your home. A windowless bathroom is the best place. Babies can be bedded in the tub for extra protection. If you have a basement or bunker, stay away from any windows and stay against the walls. This will help limit exposure from “ground shine”. You want to be in a secure room without access to the outside air.

    1. Listen to your local media via a portable television or radio that is battery-operated. Emergency personnel will be able to instruct you when it is safe to go back outside. If an EMP has destroyed your communications then be prepared to spend two weeks in your place of safety.

What You Can Do Ahead of Time

    1. Pack at least one emergency kit that is easily accessible. It is critical that your emergency kit contain Potassium Iodate KIO3 tablets which will help prevent radioactive damage to the thyroid. Likewise, pack an extra supply of any life sustaining prescription drugs so that you do not have to skip taking them. The kit should also be stocked with all of the essential items you might need to sustain a long-term situation without electricity, food, and water. Pack several flashlights, batteries, a battery-operated radio, head lamps, a first aid kit with plenty of bandages and skin disinfectant, and any other emergency supplies you need such as a supply of bottled water, and tightly sealed, non-perishable food for emergencies. Anything that you need to prepare food must be battery operated because you will very likely be without electricity.

    1. Pack extra sets of clothing and foundations in clothing storage containers so that you and your family can stay fresh and as clean as possible without access to showers.

    1. Pack hand sanitizer and wet wipes that you and your family can use to wash down your bodies and clean yourselves because you will not be able to use the water in your home.

    1. Pack pillows and mattresses or cots in a safe, clean space in your basement or windowless room so that your family can sleep and stay as comfortable as possible. By packing these items in an easy-accessible space in the room designated as the meeting room, you will have all the resources you need in one place and you may be less stressed because everything is accessible to you and your family.

Because the United States has nuclear power plants that are close to residential areas or that could effect residential areas within a certain number of miles of the plant and because there are world powers who have some nuclear capabilities at different stages, a nuclear disaster could happen in the United States and in other parts of the world at any time. While you cannot live in perpetual fear of a nuclear disaster, there are some things you can do to protect yourself and your family should a nuclear disaster happen near you. Simply review this handy guide to review the preventative steps you can take and keep this tips in mind should a nuclear disaster ever take place near the area where you live.

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