Straw Bale Houses – Instructional Videos

This video explains the Benefits of Straw Bale construction.

This video by Applause Architects also explains the techniques and benefits of building a Straw Bale House.

This video by Riverstone Studios shows how to live off the grid in a Straw Bale House.

This video by StrawLadyHouse shows you How To Build Your Own Straw Bale House.

This video by Leslie Lee shows a tour of a Straw Bale House in Oregon.

This video by Gabriel Reed shows how to build with Straw Bales.

This video by SkillfulMeans Design shows Low Cost Straw Bale House Plans.

Straw Bale House Workshop, Part 1 of 2.

Straw Bale House Workshop, Part 2 of 2.

This video by Tona Williams shows how to build earth walls in Wisconsin with inexpensive Cob and Straw Bale Construction.

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