Why Choose a Diesel Generator? by Harvey McEwan

Whether for your home or your business, you want a power supply you can rely on. There are many different types of power sources you can turn to, but some are easier for you to control than others, and many people may wish to consider taking matters into their own hands, rather than rely on a national electrical supply. Whether you’re looking for a power generator that will supply your workplace with energy on a continuous basis or you’re looking for a home solution to help you should your area suffer a blackout, a diesel generator could be one of the options you consider.

The benefits of choosing diesel

Cost: diesel generators are cheaper to run than gas engines. Choosing diesel could save you anything from thirty to fifty per cent for every Kilowatt produced, when compared to a gas generator.

Strength: a diesel generator tends to be sturdier and more rigged than many of the alternatives, making it an especially good choice if you are going to be using it in a working environment.

Easy to maintain: Typically easier to maintain than gas engines, a diesel engine is a good choice if you’re looking for a simple power solution. Additionally, typically a diesel generator can run without the regular maintenance that a gas equivalent requires.

No sparking: One of the reasons diesel engines and generators are thought of as more reliable is the fact there is no sparking as the fuel auto-ignites. It’s the absence of spark wires or spark plugs that can be instrumental in lowering the amount of maintenance needed.

Diesel generators for home and business use

Modern diesel generators are also far quieter and less obtrusive than they once were, making it possible for you to use them at home, and for personal applications, easily. It’s possible to buy small diesel generator sets designed specifically for personal use.

However, they are also available for much larger loads, and are perfectly suitable for industrial applications where a critical power supply is needed.

For home use, a single-phase power generator is typically sufficient, for larger industrial applications, three-phase generators are more likely to be suitable.

Types of diesel generators

There is also a wide selection of diesel generators to choose from, ranging between those designed to offer temporary single site power, to those able to provide the kind of multi-megawatt power needed by national grids. GreenPower gensets are good for businesses hoping to improve their green credentials while HushPower gensets are particularly useful for situations where a very quiet generator is needed.

Whether you need a generator for a short hire or a longer rental, it’s a good idea to weigh up all of your options. Call the rental company and ask for advice about which generator will best suit your needs, and find out if a diesel power generator is the right solution for you or your business.


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